Weekly Write Challenge


Choose just 1 from the following dialogue prompts:


“If you’re going to be like that.”

“I never saw her again.”

“That’s the biggest I’ve seen.”

If you have never taken part before, please read the following.

If the rules aren't followed your entry will be disqualified:

Every Wednesday around noon, three prompts of ​dialogue will be posted here.


Choose just 1 piece of dialogue to write your piece of flash fiction of no more than 300 words.

Do not add to, or delete any part of the prompt you choose to use.

It should read exactly as above, a stand-alone piece of dialogue.

Title your story (the title will not count in the 300 words)

If the rules are not followed the entry won't be included.

No emails to make corrections will be sent.

When you are happy with your story EMAIL IT TO: contact@secret-attic.co.uk

The best stories will be published in an issue of the Secret Attic Booklet

Closing following Tuesday at midnight (UK time)

JUDGE: Jeff Jones


Taking part in any Weekly Write = 1 

(If you send more than one story for the WW, the 1 point is for all your entries not per entry)

Selected in any Weekly Write = 2

(The overall winner + selected are awarded 2 points)

Please Note:

From Week 24 the stories will no longer be posted on the website - entries are judged by Jeff and the winner along with selected will be announced shortly after closing date.