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Weekly Write Results

Week 35


Stars at Night by Lewis Dunn


Philanderer by Steve Goodlad

The Fairy and the Fly by Cindy Pereira

What Three Words by Graham Crisp

Suspicions by Ian Buzard

How I Failed at Sisterly Sharing by Gloria Curl

Week 34


Warrior and the Worrier by David Silver


Shades of Gray by Mick Shawyer

A Step Too Far by Cindy Pereira

Close Shave by Liz Breen

Week 33


Love by Lewis Dunn


A Chance Meeting by R.T. Hardwick

Soon by Yvonne Clarke

Trouble at the Double by David Silver

Get Out Alive by Steve Goodlad

Week 32


Out of the Question by David Silver


But We Forgot About The Ropes by Steve Goodlad

Big Bella's Piano Lessons by Graham Crisp

The Frog Walker by Cindy Pereira

Week 31


The Way Things Are Done by Kat Cade


It's Different Now by Liz Breen

Little Angels by Vivienne Moles

A Blast from the Past by Sheena Billett

Nature and Knives by Beverley Byrne

Week 30


The Final Farewell by Elaine Peters


A Beer Garden Encounter by Graham Crisp

The Line Up by Kat Cade

Walking the Line by Cindy Pereira

Week 29


Inhabited by Steve Goodlad


The Return of the Ugly American by Paul Garson

IS This Seat Taken? by Kat Cade

The Night Bus by Vivienne Moles

Week 28


Justifiable by Maisie Bishop


Arrokoth by Promise Rani

Story from the Street by Clodagh Burrows

In a Mood by Andrew Ball

Week 27


Week 26


The Gift by Mike Rymarz


Old Soldiers Just Fade Away by Paul Garson

The Opening Gambit by Steve Goodlad

The Anniversary Present by Graham Crisp

Week 25


Up There by Graham Crisp


Virtue by Mike Barnes

Fingers Crossed by Mike Rymarz

Jed's Place by Felicity Edwards

Week 24


Survival of the Fattest by Annie Wills


Evie by Graham Crisp

The House on the Hill by Susan Wicks

Just a Small Portion for Me by Deb Hollywood

Shaking a Leg by Susmita Ramani

Week 23


Playing by Ear by Susmita Ramani


Relax by John Quinn

Rare by Cindy Pereira

Unheard by Elaine Peters

Week 22


A Rock and a Hard Place by Rachel Smith


A Family Visit by Sven Camrath

​Wedding Planner by Liz Berg

The Driving Lesson by Steve Goodlad

Highs and Lows by Mike Rymarz

Week 21


Fifty Shades by Liz Berg


Peace, Perfect Peace by R.T. Hardwick

Hell in Your Hand by Graham Crisp

Mavis & Mary by Darren Arthurs

Week 20


Drama Queen - Elaine Peters


The Affair - Graham Crisp

Short Changed - Liz Berg

Midday, Thursday - Darren Arthurs

Week 19


The Night Cleaner - Darren Arthurs


A Flawless Defense - C.E. Tidswell

Flirting With Benefits - Hilary Taylor

Say Cheese - Steve Stucko

​An Emperor - Felicity Edwards

Week 18


Justice in a Kidney Tray - Cindy Pereira


Officially Dead - Emily Dixon

The Shopping Trip - Hilary Taylor

The Beacon on the Shore - Darren Arthurs

For Better For Worse - Liz Berg

Week 17


Pope Urban - Stephen Lisle


The vaccination centre volunteer - Steve Goodlad

Date night  - Caitlin Kearns

A sociologist down Brick Lane  - R T Hardwick

Week 16


Snow angel  -  Stephen Goodlad


'Tis Goodbye - Hilary Taylor

Blood is thicker than water  - Cindy Pereira

Inaction speaks louder  - Rachel Smith

Dying with a view  -  Felicity Edwards

Week 15


Mistaken Identity  -  Madelaine Taylor


Lend me a tenner  -  Graham Crisp

Siesta - Elaine Peters

Pocket money  -  Felicity Edwards

Week 14

Bat Chat by Elaine Peters

​Bat Woman by Niall McKenna

Peter by RT Hardwick

A Close Shave by Cindy Pereira

The Stone by Felicity Edwards

Room 12 by Graham Crisp

An Unfortunate Incident by Hilary Taylor

Out on the Town by Caitlin M Kearns

Week 13

The Surprise by Jeff Jones

A Compromise by Caitlin Magnall-Kearns

Caught in the Act by Hilary Taylor

A Chance by Liz Breen

She Thinks I'm Stupid by Steve Goodlad

Tangle by Miriam H Harrison

Global Architects by Rachel Smith

​Teacher by Madelaine Taylor

Week 12

Raisins and Rum by Cindy Pereira

Reality, What A Concept by Bud Scott

Love and Sparkles by Hilary Taylor

Plenty by Miriam H Harrison

Tough Cookie by Liz Breen

A Drink After Work by Graham Crisp

An Easy Mistake by Rachel Smith

Dreaming of You by Steve Goodlad

Beads of Gold by Eva Bell

Hunger by Caitlin Magnall-Kearns

Week 11

Bride to Be by RT Hardwick

Barely Dry by Madelaine Taylor

Bell Bottoms and Beer by Cindy Pereira

Carnaby St Boutique by Stephen Goodlad

Crocodile Tears by Felicity Edwards

Holiday of a Lifetime by Elaine Peters

Mr. Patel's Shop by Graham A Crisp

The Rescue by Hilary Taylor

When to Err is Not Human by  Dipayan

Week 10

Liz Breen with her story The Returners 

Week 9

Colin Ward with his story Cash or Claret

Week 8

Our winner:

Madelaine Taylor with her story A Moment of Introspection

Week 1 - Week 7

"Is that your blood?"

Dean Hodsfry (Bloodrite)

Graham Crisp (A Red Breakfast)

Hilary Taylor (The Perfect Date)

"No, I don't think so."

Elizabeth O'Shea (The Wedding Dress)

Pat Mudge (The Last Time)

Andrew Ball (First Kiss) (Imaginary Friends)

Ronald T Hardwick (On The Meeting Of Two Minds)

Steve Lodge (Mixed Signals Or Moonbeams)

"Where's this bit go?"

Madelaine Taylor (The Making)

Andrew Ball (DIY)

"Here, drink this."

Jonathan Hunter (Exuding Chirpiness)

Stephen Isle (Gargoyles)

Eva Bell (Home Remedies)

John Morris (Glass)

"I'll have three more then."

Andrew Ball (One Each)

"Is this your mask?"

Elaine Peters (Mask Dilemma)

Liz Breen (One More Week)

"I'll see you on Christmas Day, hopefully."

Elaine Peters (Christmas Cheers)

"Try not to think about it."

Steve Lodge (Cloak of the Wizard)

Matt Allen (Where Do We Go When We Die?)

"Who invited you?"

Hilary Taylor (The Mourner)

WEEK 3/4 

“But you must come! It’s my birthday!”

Graham Crisp (The Visit)

"Did you do that on purpose?"

Michelle Weaver (Faces of Home)

Elaine Peters (Sorry)


"Can you move?"

Liz Breen (Bob and Phyllis)

“You're too late, he died last year.”

Graham Crisp (The Apology)

Elaine Peters (The Phone Call)


"Of course it matters!"

Hilary Taylor (The Plan)


"What you lookin' at?"

Steve Goodlad (The Big Issue)

"Whose shoes are these?"

Graham (Sheilding)

"Don't get too comfortable."

Eva Bell (The Avenging Ghost)