Holiday Time!

Secret Attic will be taking a 'Summer Break' from the 1st July up to & including the 31st of July

Weekly Write Prompts

Week 35
“This can’t be happening.”
“I’d never hurt you.”
“Blink and you’ll miss it.”

Week 34
“I couldn’t believe my luck.”
“Not one more step.”
“It could be worse.”

Week 33
“Are you sure we haven’t met before?”
“You haven’t got the guts.”
“Alright, I’ll do it.”

Week 32
"Who broke it?"
"This was inevitable."
"She saw you leave."

Week 31
“I’m not going to tell you again.”
“Put down the knife!”
“That’s where I know him from.”

Week 30
“Try and look casual.”
“Bring it on!”
“I couldn’t care less!”

Week 29
“Is this seat taken?”
“Don’t look now.”
“That’s it, you’re fired!”

Week 28
“Whatever you do, don’t move!”
“Can I buy you a drink?”
“But I was here first.”

Week 27

Week 26
"But I did it for you!"
"Come here often?"

Week 25
“Well it’s about time!”
“Oh alright, if you insist.”
“Don’t I know you from somewhere?”

Week 24
“Are you going to finish that?”
“Don’t do something I’ll regret.”
“You’re going too fast!”

Week 23
“I’ve never seen so much blood.”
“It will never happen again, I promise.”
“Would I lie to you?”

Week 22
“I didn’t see that coming.”
“That’s gotta hurt!”
“It’s not what it looks like.”

Week 21
“Now what are you going to do?”
“Better late than never!”
“I don’t believe it!”

Week 20
“You don’t see that very often.”
“I thought it was you.”
“Honestly, it wasn’t me!”

Week 19
“What was I supposed to do?”
“She winked at me.”
“He comes in most nights.”

Week 18
1. “You did what?”
2. “This won't take long.”
3. “I know I put it here somewhere.”

Week 17
1. “How long have you been standing there?”
2. “She’ll never make it.”
3. “If looks could kill.”

Week 16
1. "He didn't do it... you did."
2. "I hoped you would die this way."
3. "You're telling me you knew all along?"

Week 15
1. "Didn't you read the sign?"
2. "I'll pay you back."
3. "I watched as she drowned."

Week 14
1. "You're sitting on it!"
2. "You're standing right in the middle of it."
3. "Why are you upside down?"

Week 13
1. "I know this is yours."
2. "She thinks I'm stupid."
3. "Why did you leave it?"

Week 12
1. "There's plenty left."
2. "It's not real."
3. "How did you know that?"​

Week 11
1. "It's full."
2. "They killed it."
3. "I've found you a wife."

Week 10
1. "She lives in the woods."
2. "Where are my keys?"
3. "Don't touch it!"

Week 9
1. "I've seen your face before."
2. "What's wrong?"
3. "They are coming for you."​

Week 8
1. “Are you absolutely sure?”
2. "Are you scared now?"
3. "There must be more than this."

Week 7
1. “Whose shoes are these?”
2. "Don't get too comfortable."
3. "What you lookin' at?"

Week 6
​1. “Why is that there?”
2. "I know she suffered."
3. "Of course it matters!"

Week 5
1. “You've said it now.”
2. "Can you move?"
3. "You're too late, he died last year."

Week 4
1. “But you must come! It's my birthday!”
2. "Did you do that on purpose?"
3. "Alexa, turn on the oven.

Week 3
1. "Try not to think about it."
2. "I'll see you on Christmas Day, hopefully."
3. "Who invited you?"

Week 2
1. "Is this your mask?"
2. "I'll have three more then."
3. "Here, drink this."

Week 1
1. "Where's this bit go?"
2. "No, I don't think so."
3. "Is that your blood?"