PLEASE NOTE: The September maximum word count is 1000 - The October contest maximum word count will be 1500

Booklet #3

The Secret Attic Booklet #3

Mother by Michelle Hendriks (July Winner £30)
The Man in the Living Room by Rodrigo Palacios
The Believer by Warren Benedetto
The Interview by Philip Jones
A New Friend by Emily Dixon
The Cat by Brian Skinner
The Elephant in the Black Hole by Crescentia Morais
Bridges Are Beginning to Ice Over by Bob Carlton
The Art of Almost by Natascha Graham
The Online Death of Gerald Thorne by Lisa M Lane
Elisha's Game by Harlan Wells
First Snow Day by Chloe Winterburn
Bones by Raluca Comanelea
Career Girl by Jean Cooper Moran
House 147 by Nate Ealy
The Lady in White by Jeff Jones
Creeper by James Ellson
New Beginnings by Jennifer Anne F. Messing
Cherry by John Jones
The Shame Game by Amy B. Moreno
Death is Nothing by Andrew Ball
Little Wooden Boxes by Alex Rollings
The Cottonwood Tree by Rachel Tyrrel
Have You Seen This Man? by C.E. Tidswell
The Oasis by AS Winter
Amber Night Tattoo by Malina Douglas
When Did It Get Dark? by E.I.Q