PLEASE NOTE: The September maximum word count is 1000 - The October contest maximum word count will be 1500

The Nifty Fifty


The next Nifty-Fifty will open for entries on the 13th August

Free to Enter

Stories of exactly 50 words (Title not included)

Each month, on the 13th, there will be 5 Title Prompts posted here on the Secret Attic Nifty Fifty page

You can choose to write as many as you like. (Each story must be exactly 50 Words)

The closing date is the last day of the month and a winner will be announced on the 10th monthly.


Title Prompts

  1. Flight Delayed
  2. When I Ran Out of Coffee
  3. Running Through Closed Windows
  4. When Did It Get Dark?
  5. The Reluctant Patient

Send your entry, in the body of an email - no attachments please -

In the subject field of the email type Nifty Fifty July

Winning story will be published in the Secret Attic Booklet #3

50-Words: The Count - we will use to verify the 50 words - To check your story is exactly 50 words just copy and paste your story (excluding the title) in the text box and the word count will show.

Entries must be in English, original and previously unpublished.
We do not accept poetry in any form/format

By sending in a nifty fifty story you are agreeing with the terms and conditions stated here:

It's important to note that you still own the copyright to everything you contribute to Secret Attic. This means you are perfectly free to take what you have written and re-publish it somewhere else.

In contributing to Secret Attic you agree to grant the Secret Attic website a perpetual, non-exclusive right and licence to publish your contribution on the website as well as to publish and distribute your contribution, at our sole discretion, as part of any compilation work that Secret Attic may choose to produce in any format.