Holiday Time!

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Picture This! Results


Last Supper by Rani Jayakumar

French Disconnection by Steve Goodlad

The Cracking of the Mirror by Mary Farrell

Spring Street Love Story by Beverley Byrne

The Real Peter by Sheena Billett

The Dis-Entanglement Dinner by Paul Garson

The Rest of the Menu by Cindy Periera


Picture This Secret Attic

Beverley Byrne: Facing Facts

Cindy Periera: Losing Mum

Graham Crisp: Susy's Bombshell

Promise Rami: My Daughter

Mike Rymarz: The Headache

Steve Goodlad: Jenny Greenteeth

R.T. Hardwick: Trouble with Anthea


Picture This Secret Attic

Mike Rymarz: Losing Streak

Susmita Ramani: The Message on the Banner

Elaine Peters: Winners

Liz Breen: The Winner Takes It All

R.T. Hardwick: Ladies' Day

Steve Goodlad: The Improbable Win for Walsh's Women

Graham Crisp: Seedcake or Eccles Cake


Picture This Secret Attic

RT Hardwick: The French Connection

Hilary Taylor: And Chaos Ensued

Steve Goodlad: The Barrista of Verona


Picture This Secret Attic

Miriam H Harrsion: There Once 

Liz Breen: The Ending 

​Sammi McSporran: A Furtive Conversation

Cindy Pereira: Horror Scope

Madelaine Taylor: Waiting Words

Elaine Peters: Happy to Chat

Jennifer Patsalidou: Bench Mark

Graham Crisp: Caroline and Steven

Hilary Taylor: The Choice