PLEASE NOTE: The September maximum word count is 1000 - The October contest maximum word count will be 1500


How much does it cost to enter the competitions and are there any catches?
The short story, poetry and nifty-fifty competitions are free and always will be. This of course means that our prizes are of a lower value, but this also means you can enter the competition without any risk. The competitions are here to help you write, if you win then great, but if you lose you can simply re-examine your work or start again. There are no catches, you retain copyright to your work, we only state that the top entries in the competition will be published in the Secret Attic hardcopy & .pdf booklets - more on this below.

What prize do I get if I win the competition?
£30.00 For the Best Story + publication

What happens if I get shortlisted  in the competitions?
If you get shortlisted your work will be published in a .pdf file and hardcopy of the SA booklet.

How many people usually enter the competitions?
Obviously this differs each month. On average we get between 100 - 200 stories each month.

What does it mean to be in the booklets?
It simply means for that given month your work is published in the booklets. Everyone who buys a copy of that booklet gets to read your work.

Why do I have to pay for a booklet when my work has been published in it?
We do not offer free booklets to those whose work is published in the booklets because this is how the site is funded. In order to keep the competitions free, we charge for the booklets. This, at least to us, seems a much fairer deal than charging for the competition whether or not you win it!

Where does the money sold from the booklets go?
We do not expect to make an exceedingly large amount of money from the booklets.
The money will go straight back into the site, on administration and prize money; we do not make a profit.

How much is it to enter the Long Short Story and what's the prize?
The entry fee for the Long Short Story is £3.00 per story (max of 3 entries permitted) - The prize is £100

Can you tell me more about the Long Short Story Contest?
The Long Short Story Contest is for stories from 1500 to a maximum of 3000
TLSS #1 September 1st 2020 - Closing January 1st 2021
TLSS #2 January 1st 2021 - Closing May 1st 2021
TLSS #3 May 1st 2021 - Closing September 1st 2021