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Secret Attic Booklet #18
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Going Home by Rani Jayakumar
Easy Money by Susmita Ramani
The Young Man in the Station by RT Hardwick
Mitigating Circumstances while Waiting for the Train to Avignon by Paul Garson
Peaches by Beverley Byrne
The Displaced Heart by Steve Goodlad
The Power of Freedom by Sheena Billet
Going Back by RT Hardwick
Stiff Upper Lip by Vivienne Moles
Buddies by Stephanie Clark
The Great Cycle of Retribution in the Year Rabbit-12 by Paul Garson
Mystery Lady by RT Hardwick
A Mother's Son by Mick Shawyer
The Tipping Point by Steve Goodlad
Secrets on a Public Bus by Freya Roberts
Jeopardise by Caroline Jenner
The Tears of a Clown by  R.T. Hardwick   
Room for Four by Stephanie Clark
Remnants of a Marriage by Margherita Sabato
Definitely Maybe by Frank Staniforth
Caught in a Storm by Glo Curl
The Silent Heroes by Amy McCarthy
Typeface by Rani Jayakumar
God's Disposable Creatures by Gilles Talarek
A Little Something by Mick Shawyer
Man in the Window by Meg Bell
Across the Hallway by John Jones
Afternoon Tea by Vivienne Moles
The Reverend Willis and the Development by Graham Crisp
The Feathered Friend by Scott Wilson
The Repository of Secrets by Carrie Hynds
Mis-Communication by Sue Buckingham
The Photographer's Justice by Luke Cresswell
The Burning Question by Carrie Hewlett
Unforgettable by Laura Tapper
The Party's Over by Ginny Swart


Secret Attic Booklet #17
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Darling Girl by Beverley Byrne

Holiday Nightmare by Sheena Billett

The Lemon Tart by Cindy Pereira

Heavy Lifting by Susmita Ramani

The Passenger by RT Hardwick

Old Soldiers Never Die by Cindy Pereira

Lovely to See You by Vivienne Moles

How to Store Watermelons by Robert Eydmann Jr

Roses are Red, Violets are Blue by Reena Rajyaguru

Huskar Pit Mining by Steve Goodlad

Football by Lewis Dunn

Praline by Robert Eydmann Jr

A Diagnosis of Depression by Cindy Pereira

The Witness by Rani Jayakumar

Trouble in Store by RT Hardwick

Maimed by Felicity Edwards

In Search of Hidden Dungeons by Cindy Pereira

Life's Lies by Freya Roberts

That Night by Elaine Barnard
Last Supper by Rani Jayakumar
French Disconnection by Steve Goodlad
The Pub with No Cheer by David Silver
Masks no longer required at the convenience store by Paul Garson
A Subdued Dinner by R. T. Hardwick
The Repair Shop by Steve Goodlad
Stars at Night by Lewis Dunn
Philanderer by Steve Goodlad
The Fairy and the Fly by Cindy Pereira
What Three Words by Graham Crisp
Suspicions by Ian Buzard
How I Failed at Sisterly Sharing by Gloria Curl
Warrior and the Worrier by David Silver
Shades of Gray by Mick Shawyer
A Step Too Far by Cindy Pereira
Close Shave by Liz Breen
Love by Lewis Dunn
A Chance Meeting by R.T. Hardwick
Soon by Yvonne Clarke
Trouble at the Double by David Silver
Get Out Alive by Steve Goodlad
JustLikeMe by Christopher Wortley
Fitting Tribute by Vivienne Moles
Light by Grace Collins
Surveillance by Eileen Morgan
Fine In Trainers by Julie Astronaut
True Romance by Patsy Collins
Fifty Years From Now by Maisie Bishop
What Colour Is The Wind? by Brian A Skinner
Lost In The Crowd by Scott Wilson
What Would Alan Do? by Brian Weston
High Tea by R.T. Hardwick
Tall Dark and Handsome by Jennifer Anne F. Messing
Michael And The Red Scooter by Mick Shawyer
Kindred by Rani Jayakumar
Now Or Never by Sharon Boothroyd
Time Out by Sue Barnard
Adventures In Romance by Sue Johnson
Stonestruck by Alyson Faye
Working the Streets by Raymond Brown

Out of the Question by David Silver
But We Forgot About The Ropes by Steve Goodlad
Big Bella's Piano Lessons by Graham Crisp
The Frog Walker by Cindy Pereira
The Cracking of the Mirror by Mary Farrell
Spring Street Love Story by Beverley Byrne
The Real Peter by Sheena Billett
The Dis-Entanglement Dinner by Paul Garson
The Rest of the Menu by Cindy Periera
Mortal Sin isn’t what it used to Be by Jenny Worstall
Get Your Skates On by Christina Collins
Patience by Andy Baker
If I Could Cry, I'd Be Happier by Leah Holbrook Sackett
Burning Bright by Susmita Ramani
The Lilac Shawl by Esther Byrne
That Night by Elaine Barnard
Skyclad by Kate MacDonald
The Statues a Liberty by Brian A Skinner
John's Turn by Noreen Jeffers
The Red Velvet Dress by Maisie Bishop
Friday Needs a Suitcase by Adele Evershed
The Loft by Scott Wilson
Serving of Revenge by Yvonne Lang
The Charmer by S. Bee
The Viewing by Vivienne Moles
The Ghosts of Durley Hall by Jeff Jones

Bonzo by Felicity Edwards
The Shortcut by Scott Wilson
The Boy in the Bed by Graham Crisp
Redemption by Jeff Jones
Falling on Deaf Ears by Sarah J Davies
Rising from the Ashes by Yvonne Clarke
Story from the Street by Clodagh Burrows
The Return of the Ugly American sans Eugene Burdick and William Lederer 
by Paul Garson
Inhabited by Steve Goodlad
Is This Seat Taken? By Kat Cade
The Night Bus by Vivienne Moles
Justifiable by Maisie Bishop
The Final Farewell by Elaine Peters
A Beer Garden Encounter by Graham Crisp
The Line-Up by Kat Cade
Walking The Line by Cindy Pereira
It’s Different Now by Elizabeth Breen
Little Angels by Vivienne Moles
The Way Things Are Done by Kat Cade
A Blast from the Past by Sheena Billett
Nature and Knives by Beverley Byrne
Trouble with Anthea by R.T Hardwick
My Daughter by Rani Jayakumar
Suzy’s Bombshell by Graham Crisp
Losing Mum by Cindy Pereira
Facing Facts by Beverley Byrne
Arrokoth by Rani Jayakumar
In a Mood by Andrew Ball
The Headache by Mike Rymarz
Jenny Greenteeth by Steve Goodlad

That Night by Elaine Barnard - Full story to be published in Booklet #16
Last Supper by Rani Jayakumar - To be published in Booklet #16
French Disconnection by Steve Goodlad - To be published in Booklet #16

Booklet 13

Those Who Live by the Word by Andrew Ball

The Somme by Jeff Jones

Thirteen Minutes by Scott Wilson

Persona non grata by Yvonne Clarke

Julius and Earl by Gilles Talarek

Handyman by Gary Egan

The White Arrows by Graham Crisp

Always Closer Than You Think by Jo Winwood

The Mirror of Youth by Rachel Smith

The Accident by Mike Rymarz

Up Here by Graham Crisp

Virtue by Mike Barnes

Fingers Crossed by Mike Rymarz

Jed's Place by Felicity Edwards

The Gift by Mike Rymarz

Old Soldiers Just Fade Away by Paul Garson

The Opening Gambit by Steve Goodlad

The Anniversary Present by Graham Crisp

Booklet 12

A Rock and a Hard Place by Rachel Smith

​A Family Visit by Sven Camrath

​Wedding Planner by Liz Berg

The Driving Lesson by Steve Goodlad

Highs and Lows by Mike Rymarz

Fifty Shades by Liz Berg

Peace, Perfect Peace by R.T. Hardwick

Hell in Your Hand by Graham Crisp

Mavis & Mary by Darren Arthurs

Playing by Ear by Susmita Ramani

Relax by John Quinn

Rare by Cindy Pereira

Unheard by Elaine Peters

Survival of the Fattest by Annie Wills

Evie by Graham Crisp

The House on the Hill by Susan Wicks

Just a Small Portion for Me by Deb Hollywood

Shaking a Leg by Susmita Ramani

The Winner Takes It All by Liz Breen

Ladies Day by R.T. Hardwick

The Improbable Win for Walsh’s Women by Steve Goodlad

Seedcake or Eccles Cake by Graham Crisp

Winners by Elaine Peters

The Message on the Banner by Susmita Ramani

Losing Streak by Mike Rymarz

Booklet 11

The Night Cleaner by Darren Arthurs

A Flawless Defense by C.E. Tidswell

Flirting With Benefits by Hilary Taylor

Say Cheese by Steve Stucko

​An Emperor by Felicity Edwards

A Mother’s Love by Jo Winwood

The Doctor’s Peculiar Boy by Katrina Hayes

Getting Lost by Liz O’Shea

Another Chance by Jeff Jones

Mary and the Spirit by Graham Crisp

Lost by Stephen Goodlad

Race Ya by James Northern

The Right Place by Sven Camrath

Soap by Gilles Talarek

The Suicide Tree by Beverley Byrne

Wrong Number by Rachel Smith

A Ritual by Victoria Kuzmina

Drama Queen by Elaine Peters

The Affair by Graham Crisp

Short Changed by Liz Berg

Midday, Thursday by Darren Arthurs

Booklet 10

Snow Angel by Steve Goodlad

‘Tis Goodbye by Hilary Taylor

Blood is Thicker than Water by Cindy Pereira

Inaction Speaks Louder by Rachel Smith

Dying With A View by Felicity Edwards

Pope Urban Stephen Lisle

The Vaccination Centre Volunteer by Steve Goodlad

Date Night by Caitlin M Kearns

A sociologist down Brick Lane by R.T. Hardwick 

Justice in a Kidney Tray by Cindy Pereira

Officially Dead by Emily Dixon

The Shopping Trip by Hilary Taylor

The Beacon on the Shore by Darren Arthurs

For Better For Worse by Liz Berg

The French Connection by R.T. Hardwick

And Chaos Ensued by Hilary Taylor

The Barrista of Verona by Stephen Goodlad

Blessed by Amy Harte

Married in D Minor by Ryan Coull

Booklet 9

A Compromise by Caitlin Magnall-Kearns

The Surprise by Jeff Jones

Caught in the Act by Hilary Taylor

A Chance by Liz Breen

She Thinks I’m Stupid by Steve Goodlad

Tangle by Miriam H Harrison

Global Architects by Rachel Smith

Teacher by Madelaine Taylor

Bat Chat by Elaine Peters​

​Bat Woman by Niall McKenna

Peter by RT Hardwick

A Close Shave by Cindy Pereira

The Stone by Felicity Edwards

Room 12 by Graham Crisp

An Unfortunate Incident by Hilary Taylor

Out on the Town by Caitlin M Kearns

Mistaken Identity by Madelaine Taylor

Lend us a Tenner by Graham Crisp

Siesta by Elaine Peters

Pocket Money by Felicity Edwards

The Ending by Liz Breen

There Once by Miriam H. Harrsion

A Furtive Conversation by Sammi McSporran

Horror Scope by Cindy Pereira

Waiting Words by Madelaine Taylor

Happy to Chat by Elaine Peters

Bench Mark by Jennifer Patsalidou

Caroline and Steven by Graham Crisp

The Choice by Hilary Taylor

Crossed Wires by Jeff Jones

Author, Author! by Andrew Ball

The Book of Revelations by R.T. Hardwick

Molly Dolly’s New Clothes by Elaine Peters

Change Matters by C.R. Berry

Ding Dong Dung by Cindy Periera

The Death of an Actor by Steve Goodlad

Werewolves by Jessica Brown

The Incidentals Table by Liz Breen

Weakender by JP Seabright

A Letter by Joe Bedford

The Neighbour by Lynne Couzins

Taking the Floor by Claire Barnard

Hotel Kasbah by Beverley Byrne

The Oasis by Tanvi Nagar

Booklet 8

A Blanket of Stars by Georgia Cook

The Inheritance by Graham Crisp

The Present by Peter Hankins

Chance Encounter by Jeff Jones

Command by Ian Tew

The New Guy by Cindy Pereira

A Moment of Introspection by Madelaine Taylor

Cash or Claret by Colin Ward

The Returners by Liz Breen

Friederike by Mark Harbinger

Mountain by Soren Petrek

When to Err is not Human by Dipayan

Holiday of a Lifetime by Elaine Peters 

Crocodile Tears by Felicity Edwards

Bell Bottoms and Beer by Cindy Pereira

Carnaby St Boutique by Steve Goodlad

Bearly Dry by Madelaine Taylor

Mr Patel’s Shop by Graham Crisp

The Rescue by Hilary Taylor 

Raisins and Rum by Cindy Pereira

Reality, What A Concept by Bud Scott

Love and Sparkles by Hilary Taylor

Plenty by Miriam H Harrison

Tough Cookie by Liz Breen

A Drink After Work by Graham Crisp

An Easy Mistake by Rachel Smith

Dreaming of You by Steve Goodlad

Beads of Gold by Eva Bell

Hunger by Caitlin Magnall-Kearns

Bride to Be R.T. Hardwick

Booklet 7

Kings and Pawns by Dutch Simmons (£20.00)

Murderous Intent by Jeff Jones

The Day With The Birds by Liz Breen

Something Fishy Going On by Adele Evershed

The Ransom Note by Steve Goodlad

Wilhelmina Turns Eighty by Anita Gorman

Mavis’s Cosy Christmas Cottage by Jon Hunter

The Tap by Beverley Byrne

Forever Gone by Hilary Taylor

A Party? by Felicity Edwards

Bloodrite by Dean Hodsfry

A Red Breakfast by Graham Crisp

The Perfect Date by Hilary Taylor

The Wedding Dress by Elizabeth O'Shea

The Last Time by Pat Mudge

First Kiss by Andrew Ball

Imaginary Friends by Andrew Ball

On The Meeting of Two Minds by Ronald T Hardwick

Mixed Signals Or Moonbeams Steve Lodge

The Making by Madelaine Taylor

DIY by Andrew Ball

Exuding Chripiness by Jonathan Hunter

Gargoyles by Stephen Isle

Home Remedies by Eva Bell

Glass by John Morris

One Each by Andrew Ball

Mask Dilemma by Elaine Peters

One More Week by Liz Breen

Christmas Cheers by Elaine Peters

Cloak of the Wizard by Steve Lodge

Where Do We Go When We Die? By Matt Allen

The Mourner by Hilary Taylor

The Visit by Graham Crisp

Faces of Home by Michelle Weaver

Sorry by Elaine Peters

Bob & Phyllis by Liz Breen

The Apology by Graham Crisp

The Phone Call by Elaine Peters

The Plan by Hilary Taylor

The Big Issue by Steve Goodlad

Shielding by Graham Crisp

The Avenging Ghost by Eva Bell

Booklet 6

Footsteps by Savanna Naylor  (October Winner £30.00)

Weather Report by Paul Garson

Bartlett, The Dog and the old Sailor by Ronald Hardwick

The Post-Lockdown Holiday by David A Jones

The Best Jest by Shelley Crowley

Phil in Real Life by Sam Szanto

Evergreen by Samantha Priestley

The Secret To Staying Young by Saul Greenblatt

Volume Control by Grace Tierney

Hologram Futures by Alyson Hilbourne

The Grief Eater by Christina MacKinnon

Monster Under the Bed by Patricia Green

Roisin's Party by James Ellson

The Full Moon by Dipayan Chakrabarti

A Little Hard Work by Carrie Hynds

Log Me In by Paul Warnes

Delight in Every Bite by Nathalie Roos

First Impressions by Jeff Jones

What's In A Name? by Ian Inglis

I'll See You When I Get There by Thomas Morgan

Double Trouble by Vivienne Moles

Number 69 by Eve Naden

The Healing Stone by Katie Winkler

Beached by Maisie Bishop

The Queen of the Forest by Renee Gerald

The Winter Tree by The Somnambulist Society

The Hourglass by Madelaine Taylor

I Don’t Like Cheats by Patsy Collins

Mrs Stepney's Stepdaughter by Betty Hasler

Isodel by Darren Smith

All Hallows Eve by Jane Bidder

Eve by Hilary Davies

Pas De Deux Redux by Adele Evershed

The Thing by Taqwa

A Helping Hand by Christina Westwood

Come the Morning Stars by Conor O’Sullivan

Interconnected by Ena Catlin

Watching by Natasha Weber

​Quantum Entanglement by Ingrid Wilson

How I Lost My Lover by Liz O’Shea

Misty Mountain Feliz Piez

Washing Up RJ Gardham

The Wanderer by BC Nwata

Dusk Hound by Sylvie Edwards

The Greater Handful by Stephen Goodlad

Cherie by Paul Warnes

Letting Go by Carrie Hynds

After the Lockdown by Sabdapalan

The Eye of the Shrike by Crescentia Morais

Peace in Our Time by Eve Naden

Rounded Over by M H Pitcher

Broken by Allison Xu

Autumn Equinox by Hilary Taylor

Cursed by the Sun by Hope Nguyen

Autumnal Muse by Yasmin Nabavi

Bloodbath by Stephen Goodlad

No Longer Mine by Amy B. Moreno

Bloodbath by Emma Rainsford

Clean Break by Ivan Skilling

​Clean Break by Andrew Ball

No Son of Mine by Ivan Skilling

Table for One by Vera West

Table for One Jonathan Hunter

Table for One Marian Myers

Table for One by Lorna Ye

Garden of Bones by Lorna Ye

Booklet 5

A Charmed Life by Patsy Collins (September Winner £30.00)

The Suitcase by Maddy Allen

Alpha to Zulu: Alphabet Phonetic Frolics by Jolie Marchant

Letting Go by Kate MacWhannell

I Lost My Wife Down the Back of the Sofa by Brian G Ross

Something Comes to Live in Vincent Van Gogh's House by Sobia Ali

The Ritual by Vaibhav Sharma

Little Miss Perfect by Dorothy Snelson

Waiting by Jeff Jones

A Merry Encounter by Donna Hughes

Blossom Time by James Ellson

The Bird and the Riley by David Crozier

Last Chance by Sonia Mehta

The Near Demise of Old Norm by Rachel Wade

On Rings of Fire by Dipayan Chakrabarti

In Conclusion by Lou Hoffman

Communal Gardening by Stef Smulders

The Three Little Pigs Meet Goldilocks and the Three Bears by Anita Gorman

The Housefly by David Butler

A Moment by Josie Turner

Chop Wood Carry Water by Feliz Piez

After the Last Guest Left by Barbara Zapson

Beta Testing by Stephen Hosking

Ballroom Dancer by Felicity Edwards

Falling Light by Debbie Robson

Blackberry and Apple by Andrew Ball

Dead Fast by Stephen Foster-Pilkington

Telepathic Drugless Therapy by Eva Bell

Stolen Warmth by JY Saville

Nifty Fifty Winning Entries x 15

Feature Competition

Booklet 4

Sabrina's Rising by Cheryl Burman (August Winner £30)

First Climb of the Season by D.M Kerr

Calm Evening - River Wind by Thomas Elson

Vergence by Stephen Lisle

Puzzle Box by Bob Carlton

The Bright Side by Ophelia Clare

A Change of Luck by Jeff Jones

For Whom The Hands Clap by Fiona Murphy-McCormack

The Cardinal Sins by JB Polk

Most Marriages Performed by Leah Holbrook Sackett

Special Recollections by Bryan Smith

Fifty Ways to Leave your Lover by Andrew Ball

Yogurt Man Street by J. Anthony Hartley

The Well by Patricia Furstenberg

Bapaume III by Nick Fraser

No Longer by  Emily Kate Hastings

Grace's High Note by  Philip Charter

No Regrets by  Felicity Edwards

The One that Got Away by Malina Douglas

Rosalyn Tempest by John Jones

I Fear Myself by Kurt Russell

Black Money Matters by Antonio Salituro

Agility by Stef Smulders

A Smouldering Secret by Amy B. Moreno

Johnny by Steven Evans

Nifty Fifty Winning Entries x 14

Feature Competition

Booklet 3

Mother by Michelle Hendriks (July Winner £30)

The Man in the Living Room by Rodrigo Palacios

The Believer by Warren Benedetto

The Interview by Philip Jones

A New Friend by Emily Dixon

The Cat by Brian Skinner

The Elephant in the Black Hole by Crescentia Morais

Bridges Are Beginning to Ice Over by Bob Carlton

The Art of Almost by Natascha Graham

The Online Death of Gerald Thorne by Lisa M Lane

Elisha's Game by Harlan Wells

First Snow Day by Chloe Winterburn

Bones by Raluca Comanelea

Career Girl by Jean Cooper Moran

House 147 by Nate Ealy

The Lady in White by Jeff Jones

Creeper by James Ellson

New Beginnings by Jennifer Anne F. Messing

Cherry by John Jones

The Shame Game by Amy B. Moreno

Death is Nothing by Andrew Ball

Little Wooden Boxes by Alex Rollings

The Cottonwood Tree by Rachel Tyrrel

Have You Seen This Man? by C.E. Tidswell

The Oasis by AS Winter

Amber Night Tattoo by Malina Douglas

When Did It Get Dark? by E.I.Q

Booklet 2

Equal Rights by Andrew Ball, USA (May Winner)

We Still Don’t Use the Garage by S J Townend, UK (June Winner)

The Funeral Procession by Robert Raymer, Malaysia

Don't Turn Around by Alexander Gerolimatos, USA

The Glitch by Vaibhav Sharma, India

Caught in a False Sunbeam by Roghan David Aran Duggan Metcalf, Netherlands

Failing by Ruth Makepeace, UK

Homecoming by David Darling, Canada

Speech! Speech! by Andrew Galvin, UK

Love Letters by Adesola Adewale, UK

Euthanasia by Pragya Rathore, India

Out of the Flow by Dharmavadana Penn, UK

Memory by Matthew Thorpe-Apps, UK

The Mystery of the White Ghost at Chrisard School by Anna Jozefowicz, Argentina

Leviathan by Owen Reilly, Scotland

A Discovery/Saying Goodbye by Emily Dixon, UK

Lord Old Timer by Robin Mortimer, UK

After Life by Hannah Burgess, Australia

Dead on Time by Jeff Jones, UK

The Queen's Attendant by Catherine McCarthy, UK

The Key by Victoria Huggins , UK

The War and the Wall by MacKenzie Tastan, USA

A Lantern; A Knife by Philip Charter, UK

Tattoos by Martin Flett, UK

Little Dove by Shelley Crowley, UK

Letters Home by Daniel Clark, UK

Morning Coffee by Susan Hoffmann, UK

Rise and Set and Rise Again by Jenni Cook, USA

Layover by Rebecca Redshaw, USA

October October by Andrew Ball, USA

Unheard by Lois Chapin, USA

Cross the Eyes by Josh Cassidy, UK

Escape and Evade by Jeff Jones, UK

In the Footsteps of the Paediatrician by Liz Berg, UK

Forbidden by Meg Isaac, UK

Love by Edward Breen, UK

Memory Stones by Chloe Winterburn, Wales

No More Heroes by Melanie Roussel, UK

Discovery by David Darling, Canada

The Year of the Dying Fish by JB Polk, Chile

Opal by Jessica Disney, UK

The Difference Between My Father and My Mother by Robert Raymer, Malaysia

Booklet 1

Podsnezhniki by Anita Davie, UK (March Winner £25)

The Wait by Jeff Jones, UK (April Winner £25)

Another Day At The Office by Seamus Easton, Canada

Antartica Origins by Joanna MacInnes

Cousins by Wan Phing Lim, Malaysia

Famous by Jacqui Jay Grafton, UK

George Polishes Up by Ian C Douglas, UK

Gone Viral by Jacqueline Harrett, Wales

Graffiti by Cathy Bryant, UK

It Starts With A Train by Magdalene Bird, UK

Monkey Beach by Robert Raymer, Malaysia

The Accidental Jesus by James Stark, USA

The Broken Doll by Alice Prior, USA

Thunder Flies by Jeremy Hubbard , UK

Weaving the Magic by Robert Scott, UK

Consequences by Dave Darling, Canada

Your Favourite Dolly by Tesni Penney, UK

For Better, For Worse by Catherine Ogston, UK

A Trace of Red by Clare Adams, Denmark

A Nice Bit of Tongue by Karon Alderman, UK

Hello, You by Philip Charter, UK

Potted Bavaria by Sheila Kinsella, Belgium

The Things We Left Behind by Michael Lacare, USA

The Man in Black by Morgan Brennan, UK

So Close by Tracy Stevenson, UK

The Suitcase by Maddy Allen, UK

Lockdown: One Good Deed by Mary Macread, UK

Betrayal in a Shade of White by Emma Cooper, Scotland

Her Brother’s Friend by J. L. Harland, Wales

Tight Corners by Kathleen Kenny, UK

Koi by Nadia Mikail, Malaysia

Howl by Shaun Calvert, UK

Kelsey by Robert Boucheron, USA

A Campfire Story by Mike Noyes, USA

Stars by Abigail Green, UK

Parts by Alexander Mo, UK

The Songs of my Sister by Kathy Hoyle, UK

Hilarity Paling by Alex Bestwick, UK

Trapped by Patricia Cole, Greece

The Change by Liz Berg, UK

Grasses by Alex Barr, Wales