PLEASE NOTE: The September maximum word count is 1000 - The October contest maximum word count will be 1500

Booklet #2

The Secret Attic Booklet #2 

Equal Rights by Andrew Ball, USA (May Winner)
We Still Don’t Use the Garage by S J Townend, UK (June Winner)
The Funeral Procession by Robert Raymer, Malaysia
Don't Turn Around by Alexander Gerolimatos, USA
The Glitch by Vaibhav Sharma, India
Caught in a False Sunbeam by Roghan David Aran Duggan Metcalf, Netherlands
Failing by Ruth Makepeace, UK
Homecoming by David Darling, Canada
Speech! Speech! by Andrew Galvin, UK
Love Letters by Adesola Adewale, UK
Euthanasia by Pragya Rathore, India
Out of the Flow by Dharmavadana Penn, UK
Memory by Matthew Thorpe-Apps, UK
The Mystery of the White Ghost at Chrisard School by Anna Jozefowicz, Argentina
Leviathan by Owen Reilly, Scotland
A Discovery/Saying Goodbye by Emily Dixon, UK
Lord Old Timer by Robin Mortimer, UK
After Life by Hannah Burgess, Australia
Dead on Time by Jeff Jones, UK
The Queen's Attendant by Catherine McCarthy, UK
The Key by Victoria Huggins , UK
The War and the Wall by MacKenzie Tastan, USA
A Lantern; A Knife by Philip Charter, UK
Tattoos by Martin Flett, UK
Little Dove by Shelley Crowley, UK
Letters Home by Daniel Clark, UK
Morning Coffee by Susan Hoffmann, UK
Rise and Set and Rise Again by Jenni Cook, USA
Layover by Rebecca Redshaw, USA
October October by Andrew Ball, USA
Unheard by Lois Chapin, USA
Cross the Eyes by Josh Cassidy, UK
Escape and Evade by Jeff Jones, UK
In the Footsteps of the Paediatrician by Liz Berg, UK
Forbidden by Meg Isaac, UK
Love by Edward Breen, UK
Memory Stones by Chloe Winterburn, Wales
No More Heroes by Melanie Roussel, UK
Discovery by David Darling, Canada
The Year of the Dying Fish by JB Polk, Chile
Opal by Jessica Disney, UK
The Difference Between My Father and My Mother by Robert Raymer, Malaysia