PLEASE NOTE: The September maximum word count is 1000 - The October contest maximum word count will be 1500

April 2020 Results

The Wait by Jeff Jones, UK (April Winner £25)

Selected Entries:

Consequences by Dave Darling, Canada
Your Favourite Dolly by Tesni Penney, UK
For Better, For Worse by Catherine Ogston, UK
A Trace of Red by Clare Adams, Denmark
A Nice Bit of Tongue by Karon Alderman, UK
Hello, You by Philip Charter, UK
Potted Bavaria by Sheila Kinsella, Belgium
The Things We Left Behind by Michael Lacare, USA
The Man in Black by Morgan Brennan, UK
So Close by Tracy Stevenson, UK
The Suitcase by Maddy Allen, UK
Lockdown: One Good Deed by Mary Macread, UK
Betrayal in a Shade of White by Emma Cooper, Scotland
Her Brother’s Friend by J. L. Harland, Wales
Tight Corners by Kathleen Kenny, UK
Koi by Nadia Mikail, Malaysia
Howl by Shaun Calvert, UK
Kelsey by Robert Boucheron, USA
A Campfire Story by Mike Noyes, USA
Stars by Abigail Green, UK
Parts by Alexander Mo, UK
The Funeral Procession by Robert Raymer, Malaysia
The Songs of my Sister by Kathy Hoyle, UK
Hilarity Paling by Alex Bestwick, UK
Trapped by Patricia Cole, Greece
The Change by Liz Berg, UK
Grasses by Alex Barr, Wales