Plans for Secret Attic 2022

Hi Guys,

So, we have been discussing how to improve/evolve Secret Attic for 2022 and between myself, Jeff & Emily we have come up with some exciting new changes for The Attic. To make it Bigger and Better!

Over the next few months you may notice a few things have gone from Secret Attic, this is as Eva builds the new website... so don't panic everything will be back in 2022.

We have looked at the way Secret Attic is currently run: contests, website costs, prize money, content and resources etc - in January 2022 the new Secret Attic website, with all its changes, will launch. 

There will be an optional Membership  - and yes, we know this may put a few of our writers off, but we have made the membership fee minimal and the Weekly Write, Picture This and Drabble contests will all have Amazon Vouchers as a prize just like the Monthly Short Story Contest does. This is an optional feature - you will still be able to take part in the contests as a non-member - but you will not be eligible for the Vouchers or the League.

The League Table remains - with a different points system and the Trophy as the prize.

As for new stuff, so far we have a monthly Lit Quiz, where you can win books...

We have Meet the Writers - where you can introduce yourself to one another - so we can get to know you and your writing background...

You will be able to promote your own work, books, websites etc

We don't want to give away all our exciting new changes at this stage, just to say that you will find Secret Attic more of an integral part of your Writing Life! 

Finally, the Secret Attic continues as usual, as it is now, until January 2022. 

Onwards and Forwards!

We look forward to 2022!

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