Monday, July 12, 2021

Short Story Results for June


JustLikeMe by Christopher Wortley


Fitting Tribute by Vivienne Moles

Light by Grace Collins

Surveillance by Eileen Morgan

Fine In Trainers by Julie Astronaut

True Romance by Patsy Collins

Fifty Years From Now by Maisie Bishop

What Colour Is The Wind? by Brian A Skinner

Lost In The Crowd by Scott Wilson

What Would Alan Do? by Brian Weston

High Tea by R.T. Hardwick

Tall Dark and Handsome by Jennifer Anne F. Messing

Michael And The Red Scooter by Mick Shawyer

Kindred by Rani Jayakumar

Now Or Never by Sharon Boothroyd

Time Out by Sue Barnard

Adventures In Romance by Sue Johnson

Stonestruck by Alyson Faye