Tuesday, July 20, 2021

Holiday - Update

 Secret Attic will be taking a break from the 

1st July 

up to and including the 

31st July

The Weekly Write

Week 36 results announced on the 30th June 

The Weekly Write

Week 37 will open on August 4th

The Monthly Short Story

June Result announced by the 12th July 

The 17th Monthly Short Story Contest 

will open on the 1st August

The Picture This 

#6 result announced by the 22nd July  

The Picture This

#7 will open on the 1st August

Drabble #2 

Result announced 18th July  

Secret Attic Booklet #16

Stories published Online: 1st August

Secret Attic Booklet #16

Available to purchase: 19th July  

During July we will continue to accept entries for 

The Long Short Story Contest