Friday, April 16, 2021

The Wanderer by BC Nwata

 I’m a lost soul

Wandering in the desert of life

I’ve lost my compass, I’ve lost direction

What can I do now?

I’m very thirsty, am parched

I’ve passed many sand dunes, yet no oasis in sight

Do I go left or right?

What do I do now?

Yet even now that I want to quit and die

I keep seeing signs of a sun beyond the thick cloud

A peek, a peep and then it disappears

Should I go on?

My legs are giving way

Dried and numbed by weariness and thirst

But there is this voice inside still whispering me on

Oh, yes I won’t stop now, I’ll toil on

Then out of nowhere came blue skies and birds

I lost my footing and I fell inside a spring

Oh, there’s a garden, a pond, a paradise

Respite at last, heaven indeed at last

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