Thursday, April 15, 2021

The Oasis by AS Winter

The blowing wind and shifting sand reflected the devilish face of the desert.It must be mid-day, Arina wondered when the sand dunes moved and changed their shape. Dragging her mother in the cloth sac was becoming difficult for Arina.

The sun was burning and feasting on the existence of the moisture if any left. As Arina pursued her dry lips, she couldn’t remember how long she had been walking and from which direction. She had lost any hope to find the oasis.
I couldn’t even go back, she grumbled. The rustling wind had cleared all the traces of the path she came from. Dejected, she dropped in the sand praying for a sign that it is going to be alright, at least for her mother.

Her mother knew the way, Arina thought as she sought a glance but her mother didn’t care, not anymore.

As Arina shifted in the sand she screamed. A thorn had punctured her thigh. The trickle of blood came out as she removed it and then many tears followed. Though hurt, somehow she felt relieved. These thorns grow near the water, she exhaled. There must be an oasis nearby. A prickly thorn had reenergized her.

It was then that she saw a little bird challenging the mighty desert. Destination is near, she told herself while dragging her mother in the direction of the bird. It was not much after that she saw the trees waving and encouraging her. Overjoyed, she dragged as fast as she could.

Oasis was everything that her mother had told her. ‘Heaven on the earth’ were her mother’s exact words. She left her mother under the shadow of a tree and ran towards water. The water was delicious and its feeling couldn’t be explained in earthly words. She drank aplenty and soaked herself in it. This is the place her mother had approved of, she mumbled. It had sun, shade and plenty of water, a place to live forever, she smiled as she started digging. Finally, her mother can rest.

© AS Winter

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