Friday, April 16, 2021

The Eye of the Shrike by Crescentia Morais

 Today I make a covenant with my eyes:

To drop the condemner’s eye,

To drop the scorner’s eye,

To drop the bile-ful eye,

To drop the shrike’s eye.

Today I call my eyes back:

To sit in their own sockets,

To mind their own purview,

To see their own destination,

And to use their perspective

Only when that scope is invited,

Only when that parameter is required.

My eye shall no longer impale

With its sharp point of view

With its narrow blade of logic

With its precise angle of common sense.

Now I see:

The vision of my eyes is narrow,

The distance of my sight is short.

Today I covenant with my eyes:

To be single,

To be focussed,

To see in the light of truth.


Show me how to see.

Show me what to see.

Show me why I must see.

Perhaps it’s not too late

To learn how to navigate

A happy ending

In this shadow of this valley,

Because the dimness is growing in alarming clarity!

The darkness in the chambers of the heart

Is seeping out like defilement from a broken sewer,

And I cannot see past distress and dismay

To put my foot down in the right correct path.

It appears I have been trying to steer through near-blind eyes!

If you think you see still

Some small spark here at this late hour

Remaining of the fire you

Tried to light a long time past:

Then, before my time flickers out,


Gouge out my blindness.

Give me your eyes.

This journey of shudders

Needs clarity of vision.


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