Friday, April 16, 2021

Autumnal Muse by Yasmin Nabavi

 Sky cracks open

Peach flavoured syrup


The lilies bloomed

While you were asleep

Do flowers get stage fright?

Birds are exchanging secrets

In the form of cacophonous lullabies

You wish you knew what they were saying

Google search engine bar

“why am I so tired?”

“is it too cloudy to see the sunset tonight?”

Check the weather forecast for the tenth time in

Three hours (just in case it has changed)

Sky closes up again

Clouds gobble up the remnants

Of the peach flavoured syrup

We tell our friends they are strong, beautiful, wise

(but rarely take our own advice)

Wind is howling

Why are the elements so aggravated?

Wind is howling

I am cold again

Put on a jumper

Take off my socks

Deep breathing

Entangled thoughts

Oolong tea, noise pollution, irritability

Sky is a melting pot

Of the colours the cosmos filtered down

Until it isn’t.

Bright white

Slither of sky

Peach syrup hiding

Till the sunset decides

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