Monday, 13 July 2020

Become Better Storytellers by Following Writing Tips

People from the very beginning have been constantly charmed by various stories. During a get together, at parties or even in homes with children, stories were the only means of communicating the inspirations and were a source of entertainment. Until today, stories have a long-lasting effect on us, and it is the most engaging means of communication. All of us enjoy reading and telling stories regardless of whether it is the story of a movie, of a person or a novel or even oneself, it is enjoyable, provided it is narrated in a good manner.

Here the question arises that why we are constantly inclined towards listening to stories rather than story writing. Probably because there is more narration, the tone, gesture of the story teller creates a kind of magic, and it is like living the story. If the story is told in a PowerPoint presentation, will it still have the impact? We believe not. Storytelling is a communication between the storyteller and the listener or the audience as a matter of fact. Hearing a story can get the mind to function. Research also proves that storytelling is the most effective way of communication.

Below are some of the important tips for all of you to ensure that you make a better storyteller if you ever get the chance.

Do the homework
Take time to prepare the story before jumping into storytelling. Make sure you revise the story and divide into stages and practice in front of someone or a mirror and make sure that your voice is audible enough.

Make it simple
Do not make the story complicated by using complicated vocabulary. Make sure you skip the boring and complex parts. Keep it simple and interesting.

Be confident
Do not be shaky or hesitant. Be positive and you will only be confident if you have prepared enough and rehearsed. As mentioned above, make sure you are audible to the audience and be careful of being too loud.

Maintain Eye Contact

Maintaining an eye contact is a must, be it storytelling, presentation or a regular conversation. Having an eye contact with the audience ensures that you are individually speaking to each and everyone in the audience.

Ensure calm body gestures
During the storytelling, you should make sure that your body language is right. You should not be overly relaxed nor too tensed. Make sure you give the audience the impression of being absolutely calm and natural. Use the hand movements when necessary.

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